Radiate Haiti Ministries

Lagossette, Haiti

"Radiate: To extend, spread, emit."

Radiate Haiti Ministries was born from a call to continue to further the kingdom of God in the rural villages of my home country of Haiti. We believe that we can radiate the love of God to those served in Haiti in the same way the Haitian people can radiate their joy, love, and hope to us through their resilience and humility. With God as the center, we believe His promises can radiate throughout and transcend languages, borders, and circumstances.

We strongly believe in the family unit and orphan prevention as God’s design. Many times, Haitians feel they cannot care for some or all of their family due to lack of knowledge, resources, and jobs. As a result, poverty orphans, or orphans who have one or more living parent who is unable to adequately care for them, make up the majority of the orphan population in Haiti. We believe there are tangible ways to equip this generation to move toward systemic change resulting in family units remaining whole. There are a multitude of wonderful organizations in the rural villages outside of Cap-Haitien that are doing work in various ways but there are still gaps that need to be filled. The unique nature of Radiate Haiti Ministries is that we have direct knowledge and experience with identifying and meeting the multitude of needs in these rural Haitian communities.

Radiate Haiti Ministries is rooted in the biblical truth of Psalm 34:5 that states “those who look to Him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.” In this, we strive to be and create community builders, disciple makers, neighbor lovers, resource stewards, and Christ-Treasurers through education, spiritual transformation, and job creation. This includes but is not limited to school sponsorship (backpacks, uniforms, supplies, fees, books) from Kindergarten through college; access to Bibles, baptisms, marriages, crusades; and small business loans. As we turn our eyes upon the radiance of the Lord and respond to His goodness through Radiate Haiti Ministries, we are able to empower our brothers and sisters in Haiti to do the same.

Elesson (Papito), Kelsey, Israel and Hezekiah Joseph

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“those who look to Him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.”

Radiate Haiti Ministries